$450 Multiple List Lot / Land

How You Save:

Listing your Lot / Land with a traditional Real Estate Company, you agree to pay a commission of (for example) 6%. Half of that percentage 3% goes to the Listing Company, and the other 3% goes to the Buyer’s Agent’s Company. Listing with Mr. Lister Realty you will only be paying a commission (set by You the Seller) to the Buyer’s Agency, saving you half of the Commission. You still retain the right to sell your Lot / Land on your own. If the Buyer is not represented by an agent you have no Commission to pay.

The Process:

A. Simply download all of the following PDF files:


  1. Cover Sheet Lot / Land
  2. Exclusive Listing Agreement
  3. Profile Sheet
  4. MLS Rules and Regulations
  5. Optional Services
  6. Understanding Whom the Real Estate Agent Represents

or you can download all the documents in one zip file: lot_land.zip

B. Fill out and sign all documents (all persons on the deed need to sign).

C. Fax all signed documents to 410-486-0061 or scan and email to:info@mrlisterrealty.com

D. After faxing/emailing your signed documents, please call Mr. Lister Realty at 410-486-5478 with your MasterCard/Visa information.


Let the Savings Begin!

Your listing will be posted in the MLS and various real estate websites within 24 Hours. You will be the “Showing Contact” in the Multiple List, meaning agents will call you to set appointments. Any calls or emails to Mr. Lister pertaining to your property will be given your contact information. You will show your own property and contracts will be presented directly to you by the Buyer or the Buyer’s Agent.


No Worries:

If you need Customer Support call 410-486-5478 or email info@mrlisterrealty.com and a licensed Real Estate Professional will answer any of your concerns.

We Appreciate Your Business and We’ll Prove It!